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Leather Shampoo

Leather Shampoo

Leather Clean Leather Shampoo is a mild water based leather cleaning product for regular cleaning processes that help to maintain your leather furniture and accessories.

For use on Leather Furniture, Leather Clothing, Leather Handbags, Leather Luggage.

Suitable for all leathers including Bicast BUT NOT NUBUCK OR SUEDE.

Wipe furniture or garment with a damp cloth
Squeeze foam cleaner onto a sponge
Apply foam to leather and agitate gently working on one panel at a time adding more foam if required
Before the foam dries wipe off with a paper towel
Allow to dry, check and repeat if necessary
Apply a thin layer of Leather Clean Leather Protector
For spot cleaning always clean the whole panel where spillage has occurred

Please note: Never scrub your leather heavily, two gentle cleans are better than one aggressive clean.

Clean your leather regularly rather than allowing dirt to build up.

Leather Shampoo

Leather Shampoo 200ml £13.95

Leather Shampoo 1L £35.00