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Ultra Protect

This is a high Performance Leather Protector specifically formulated for your car interior.

Advanced water based fluorochemical to inhibit the absorption of dirt and oils into the finish on your leather.

Maintains the moisture level in the leather keeping the leather correctly conditioned.

Acts as a protective barrier whcih assists in the removal of every day light soiling.

Helps to resist dye transfer and make its removal more likely (dye transfer should always be removed as soon as possible)

Leather Clean Ultra Protect should always be applied to your new leather interior before use particularly on sensitive or pale coloured leathers. It should also be applied after any deep cleaning process.

Leather Clean Ultra Protect is best applied with a finger tip spray applicator (150ml of product is supplied in this way)
Spray lightly over an area and wipe in gently with a lint free cloth ensuring that no area is missed. There is no need to buff or rub in.
In a warm environment there will be no need to dry and the leather can be used immediately.
Leather Clean Ultra Protect reaches its maximum strength after 24hours.
Excessive coating is not required and may lead to drying problems and stickiness.
Re-apply 2-3 times per year or more often if necessary on drivers seat or if you have pale leathers and notice a build up of dye transfer.

Ultra Protect

Ultra Protect 150ml  £21.95